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The automotive industry is currently experiencing an unprecedented era of technological advancements, including autonomous driving, connected vehicles, ride sharing, new mobility services, active safety technologies, and hybrid and electric vehicles. However, as technology continues to disrupt both the commercial and consumer automotive markets, the greatest challenge facing the industry is the workforce. In the next few years, many leaders in the automotive industry will retire, leaving behind a leadership void that few players in the industry have adequate bench strength to fill.

To address this issue, we employ highly experienced consultants who have worked on engagements in the automotive sector. Our global team has collaborated with major multinational corporations, private equity investors, and startups, ranging from automakers to suppliers to the aftermarket. We assist our clients in building boards and recruiting top-performing CEOs in the automotive industry, as well as guiding manufacturers through cultural transformation and digitization.

No matter the challenge, our automotive consultants are prepared to help your company accelerate through it.

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